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Meals On Wheels Atlanta May 2014
In this issue:
  • Southeast Senior Center
  • Older Americans Month
  • Sunday Suppers
  • Volunteer Spotlight
  • MOWA Waiting List
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Southeast Senior Center Choir

On Saturday April 28th,  the Southeast Senior Center choir was invited to perform at the Metro Atlanta Urban Farm located in East Point. This performance served as Southeast's kick off event for Older Americans Month. The event had healthy cooking demonstrations, free seeds giveaways, and live entertainment. The Southeast Senoir Center choir has been active since 2004. Mary Jones is the Choir Director and Lamar Adams is their present musician.

Older Americans Month

Older adults have made countless contributions and sacrifices to ensure a better life for future generations. Since 1963, communities across the country have shown their gratitude by celebrating Older Americans Month each May. This celebration recognizes older Americans for their contributions and demonstrates our nation’s commitment to helping them stay healthy and active.


This year’s theme for Older Americans Month is “Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow.” The theme focuses on injury prevention and safety to encourage older adults to protect themselves and remain active and independent for as long as possible. 


Unintentional injuries to this population result in at least 6 million medically treated injuries and more than 30,000 deaths every year. With an emphasis on safety during Older Americans Month, we encourage older adults to learn about the variety of ways they can avoid the leading causes of injury, like falls.

While Meals On Wheels Atlanta provides services, support, and resources to older adults year-round, Older Americans Month offers an opportunity for us to provide specialized information and services around the important topic of injury prevention. This information will help older adults take control of their safety and live longer, healthier lives.


Throughout the month, Meals On Wheels Atlanta will be conducting activities and providing tips on how to avoid the leading causes of injury. To learn more about Older Americans Month and how you can participate contact us and follow us on Facebook
Sunday Suppers

Meals On Wheels Atlanta’s 3rd annual Sunday Suppers wrapped up this past Sunday, May 18 to another successful year!  The dinners raised more than $33,000 and will support nearly 6,000 meals for seniors in need.  The dinners took place on three Sundays in April and May, and the events featured a total of 8 chefs and 9 homes.  A special thanks to everyone that was involved including the chairs Audra Dial and Nancy Brown, PNC as the wine sponsor, Bloomin’ Bouquets, Edge Design Group, Foxgloves & Ivy, James Hurley Designs and Robert Long for providing floral arrangements and all the hosts and chefs!

Featured Chefs: Chef Liz Cipro, A Legendary Event; Chef Jay Swift, 4th and Swift; Chef Mary Hataway, Soiree Catering; Chef Joseph Trevino, St. Regis Atlanta; Chef Joe Truex, Watershed; Chef Nick Leahy, Saltyard; Chef Guy Anderson, Le Cordon Bleu; Chef Jeff Mekolites, Le Cordon Bleu

Hosts Included: Elizabeth and Carl Allen, Victoria and Howard Palefsky, Elizabeth and Sheffield Hale, Carolyn and Rhett Tanner, Cydnee Dubrof and Rob McDonough, Sarah and Jim Kennedy, Jack Sawyer and Bill Torres, Cindy and Bill Voyles, Leslie and David Wierman, Nancy and Eric Brown, Sylvia and Keith Wright, D’anne and Sean Heckert, and Debbi Lee and John Peifer

Waiting List

As many you of you may have read or heard recently, thousands of seniors across Atlanta are on waiting lists for Meals On Wheels services! With a struggling economy and the aging of the Baby Boomer generation, the waiting list for Meals On Wheels Atlanta has increased dramatically over the past 6 months. Meals On Wheels Atlanta has delivered a record-setting number of meals each year since 2009, but the demand for meals has outpaced our growth. We received a recent grant that will move 23 seniors off of the waiting list, however there are still 196 more seniors that are still waiting and the list is growing weekly. What can you do to help with this waiting list? We need your help as a volunteer to help deliver meals to our growing number of clients. And we need donations to our Meal Services program so that we can serve more meals.

To donate visit our website.

Volunteer Spotlight

This month's volunteer spotlight is on volunteers from the Northpoint Ministires - Buckhead Church.  A couple of weekends ago, nearly 50 volunteers from Buckhead Church spent their Saturday with us to clean up two overgown yards and deliver route after route of meals to our homebound seniors.  This gracious group of volunteers also presented MOWA with a generous donation towards our Capital Campaign.  Thank you Buckhead Church for all that you do for the Seniors of Atlanta!

For more information on volunteering please contact Jason Tucker at volunteer@mealsonwheelsatlanta.org

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